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Aquarian "Chakra Balancing Cards" + meditation for everyone.


"When we are balanced inside, it is easier for us to reveal and realize our potential and all our gifts!"  R. Černiauskaitė

 Each chakra has its own color, vibration, properties. It is related to the endocrine gland, certain organs and systems. The chakras are located in the human energy channel sushumna, which runs through our spine and connects heaven and earth. If any chakra is blocked or damaged, energy does not circulate harmoniously, a person will begin to feel certain energetic, psychological or physical disorders.
 The set includes: 7 cards placed in a linen bag + 7 mini meditations (for working with each chakra separately):


1. Muladhara chakra - root chakra
2. Swadhisthana – chakra of sexual energy
3. Manipura - solar plexus chakra
4. Anahata - heart chakra
5. Vishuddha – throat chakra
6. Ajna - third eye chakra
7. Sahasrara - crown chakra


  How to use:

  • For personal use (cards are used for one person only).

  • For working with people in spiritual practices e.g. Reiki, energy balancing, etc.   (it is better to use a separate  kit for working with people).

  •  Cards can be used: meditation, chakra cleansing and balancing practices, Reiki session​.

 Cards have a special informational energy power! Their purpose is to energetically clean, transform, balance the corresponding chakra and the processes related to it.


 This is a great tool for your spiritual development - a helper. 


 Chakra cards were created by: Rūta Černiauskaitė - founder of Ruta healing center, Reiki master-teacher, Karuna Reiki and Aura-Soma® practitioner, spiritual spine straightening specialist, dr. Master of psycho-information technologies, (pa) consciousness transformation.

 Additionally we recommend: Chakra cleansing and balancing course

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Chakra clearing and balancing cards + meditation for each chakra

SKU: 003
  • Aquarian era "Chakra balancing cards" + Mini meditations

    The set includes: 7 cards placed in a linen bag + 7 mini-meditations (for working with each chakra separately).

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