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Spiritual straightening of the spine

   Spiritual Spinal Straightening - Quantum Leap in Spiritual Healing, Elevation of Consciousness to a Higher Dimension.  It is a process that involves the mind, the whole soul  and body levels.

   Many people suffer from the evolution of their crooked body, neck, different height shoulders, uneven position_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136_bad5cf58 , pelvic bones in an irregular position and legs of different lengths. Complains of back or joint pain.  Has health ailments:  heart rhythm disorders, gastrointestinal problems and others. Often experiences daily stress, has sleep disorders. 

  People with these or similar symptoms can expect improvement. Even people cured by traditional medicine with a variety of physical or spiritual symptoms have been helped by freeing and straightening their spiritual spine.

  What is the spiritual spine? It is an energy channel that connects the energies of heaven and earth. There are 7 energy information centers located in it, also called chakras. If energy blocks form, tightness and back pain may occur in that area. 

  During spiritual straightening, energy blocks are removed, energy flow in the central energy channel is smoothed, self-healing forces are activated and your body can do its own healing work. With the help of the method, the spine is straightened as much as possible, the height of the shoulders and shoulder blades, the position of the hips, and the length of the legs are equalized. Energy passes through the entire spine, each vertebra, organs and systems. The first changes are observed immediately, the following ones may take place within a month. 

  Suitable for any age. Can be combined with other therapies such as massage, acupuncture, kinesitherapy. No side effects. 

  Depending on the circumstances, sessions may also take place remotely. Then 3 remote sessions are done. This is convenient for those who live abroad and cannot come at the moment. 


  Experience for yourself the restoration of divine order through spiritual straightening!

​Spiritual spine straightening proces

    The healing session begins with the restoration of the Divine Order in man. Energy blocks are removed during the session. Therefore, the spirit, soul and body can recover in a natural way, without touch.

   This deep sense of healing leads to a great expansion of consciousness, where the power of self-healing arises. This experience is an important opportunity for man to rediscover God, who is everywhere and always. 

   The spiritual straightening of the spine is going smoothly. A person often feels a pleasant relaxation and change in the body. During the session, there is a huge increase in energy, which   enables further physical and spiritual development. The flow of free energy caused by this development stimulates the vital energy of a person and it can freely spread further. Blocks and past patterns can disappear because this life energy is self-regulating.


   Nowhere else is the regenerative power of nature more evident than in comprehensive spiritual healing that works for people of all ages.


   Dear parents! If spiritual straightening occurs at an early age of the child, you help him create the conditions for a healthy life.

   Everything happens in its own time because time is in God's hands. It was and always will be. When you receive this information, it means that it is time for you to straighten up, because there are no coincidences.

Energy session

After the spiritual spine straightening session, an energetic session is performed

  • Removes energy blocks in the central energy channel

  • Transforms negative informational energies into positive ones

  • Gets rid of outdated internal blocks and programs

  • Equalizes the flow of energy in the spine and all energy centers

  • Improves the work of all organs and systems

  • Harmonizes the inner state


   Self-healing forces are activated during the session, the functioning of body functions and organs is improved, and the internal state is harmonized. . Mental and physical health improves.

  Session duration 1 -1.5 hours. It can take place directly or remotely, depending on the situation, the location of the person and the possibilities of arrival. 


When you reach out

To serve another,

help him

To comfort and encourage him,

Then God will be with you…

With a different look​

  The Italian scientist Daniel Gulas proved with apparatuses that during spiritual straightening, subtle energy in the form of clouds is formed, spreading from the healer's heart or hands and entering the patient's body. These are vortex-torsional waves. After the procedure, the patient's aura becomes brighter, more harmonious, and the number of biophotons increases.


  Thermographic studies have shown that the back temperature rises by 0.5-1 degrees. At the moment of treatment, the highest frequencies of energy vibrations are recorded in the area of the patient's heart. And other scientific studies showed that positive energy increased and negative energy decreased.


  After straightening, a person must live differently, enjoy life, cultivate love. If it does not change, it can return to its previous state. "If you help yourself, then God will help you." Jurgis Brędikis "A different look 2". 

​Important information

    A spiritual healer is not a doctor of traditional medicine. "Spiritual straightening" is an exclusively spiritual process and is not the work of a doctor in the classical sense.


  The session is not a substitute for a doctor's visit and no diagnosis is made. Although "Spiritual straightening" has worked miracles for thousands of people, the spiritual healer cannot make any promises of healing, because the self-healing forces work individually in each person.

Meditation "Energy treatment of the spine"

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