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Reiki sessions

Reiki seansas

  "If your body is only light, there will be no darkness left in it. Then there will be light in you that will light you like bright lightning"

  Reiki is the universal vital energy of the universe, which comes from the highest point of the universe and is radiated to a person through a healer.  

During the session, universal vital energy is transmitted, which activates human self-healing forces, fills every human cell, organ and system with light and love. Strengthens the immune system, harmonizes the internal state. Relaxes, helps to overcome stress and physical or spiritual ailments.


Reiki session


  • Relieves body and mind tension.

  • Transforms negative energies into positive ones.

  • Light fills the darkest corners of the soul and the entire vessel of being.

  • Helps to free oneself from physical, emotional and mental blocks.

  • Balances the energy system.

  • Harmonizes the inner state.

  • Raises awareness.

  • Raises the level of spirituality.

  • Activates the self-regulation process.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • It heals the whole body.

  • Fills every cell with vital energy.

  • Helps overcome stress, anxiety and find inner peace.

  • Improves sleep quality.

  • Has no side effects.

  • Suitable for a person of any age.

 We recommend a course of 10 sessions! 

 Reiki sessions are done live or remotely.

 Sessions are conducted by: Rūta Černiauskaitė - founder of Ruta healing center, Reiki master-teacher, Karuna Reiki and Aura-Soma® practitioner, spiritual spine straightening specialist, master of (sub)consciousness transformation.

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  • Reiki session - 40

  • 3 Individual remote Reiki sessions - 70

 Information and registration: +370633 00011,

Reiki healing meditation

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