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Transformation of consciousness in the flow of Reiki

"The content of the personal subconscious consists of mental phenomena "pushed" by the conscious into the subconscious, which are unpleasant for a person or which are very uncomfortable and unacceptable due to the influence of the moral environment - these are primitive sensory instincts, morbid moods and ideas, various phobias, lost or deliberately forgotten painful memories and images, various sensory perceptions that are immature and too weak to reach consciousness. And that so-called "expulsion" is a certain defensive mental process that works in a person throughout his life." CG Jung.

  (Sub)conscious transformation seminars and individual sessions will help you get out of the vicious circle, discover and transform the blocks lying in your subconscious and fill yourself with high vibrational energy. During the meeting, one can feel one's natural nature, when the corresponding patterns of thinking, other people's influences and voices fall away, then the person's outlook, character and thinking change.


  The human system could be likened to a computer that needs to be updated, looking at old programs and reinstalling them. If a person does not engage in self-development, his thinking can be compared to the thinking of the last century.

Inside your system, you can "install" new programs that will help you change old programs (which are no longer needed), attitudes, certain characteristics. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_strengthen the spiritual state and physical health. 

  An individual session will help you get to the causal level and discover the reason why your health collapses, relationships fail, financial problems arise, debts accumulate, creative potential is blocked, it is difficult to speak, express yourself, there is no intuition and connection with the universe etc  Also  this practice helps heal soul wounds, transforms poison into nectar. 

  This kind of work cannot be done in the space of logical thinking, it is only when we go beyond our limiting thinking that the real journey towards self-knowledge begins. We can feel our consciousness and be conscious, we can travel through all the spaces of our inner world. In this case, I will only be a guide who will accompany you to the inner paradise.

Rūta Černiauskaitė

Individual work with subconscious blocks, shadows, fears. Changing beliefs, transforming destructive programs, introducing new programs and renewing.


Wounds of the soul

Personal self-realization
Harmonious relationship
Financial abundance

Sessions are performed by: Rūta Černiauskaitė - Reiki master-teacher, master of (sub)consciousness transformation.


Price of an individual session: 70 Eur, duration 1-1.5 hours.

Information and registration:+370633 00011,

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