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  Ruta healing center - a center for spiritual development and holistic therapies. Services are provided directly or remotely: spiritual spine straightening, Reiki sessions, (pa) consciousness transformation sessions, chakra cleansing and balancing, AuraSoma consultation, individual or group Baltic Lila game. We are located in Vilnius. We provide services in Kaunas and other cities by agreement. We cooperate with other centers or clinics in Lithuania and abroad. 

Reiki sessions

 "If your body is only light, there will be no darkness left in it. Then there will be light in you that will illuminate you like bright lightning."

  Reiki is the universal vital energy of the universe, which flows from the highest point of the universe and is transmitted to a person through a healer. Energy activates human self-healing forces, fills every human cell, organ and system with light and love. Strengthens the immune system, harmonizes the internal state. Relaxes, helps to overcome stress and physical or spiritual ailments.

 Reiki sessions are done live or remotely.

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Spiritual straightening of the spine

 Spiritual spinal straightening is a quantum leap in spiritual healing, raising consciousness to a higher dimension.  It is a comprehensive process that takes place at the levels of soul, mind and body.

 During the straightening of the spiritual spine, energy blocks are removed, the flow of energy in the central energy channel is smoothed, self-healing forces are activated and your body can do its own healing work. With the help of the method, the spine is straightened as much as possible, the height of the shoulders and shoulder blades, the position of the hips, and the length of the legs are equalized. Energy passes through the entire spine, each vertebra, organs and systems. The first changes are observed immediately, the following ones may take place within a month. 

 Sessions are conducted live or remotely.

Baltic Lila game

 Lila is a life-transforming game rooted in 2000 years of wisdom. It has been reborn in a new version of Baltic Lila and turned into a wonderful philosophy of life. The game helps to get to know and understand yourself better, to get answers to your questions.

 Man often feels lost in his life. Not knowing what is the best decision to make on your path, which direction to go, how to discover your inner calling, reveal your talents, strengthen your health, improve your relationships, invite abundance into your life.

 You can come with any question you have and get an answer during the game. Each cell in the game is alive, talking, carrying important information.

 You can play live or online on the Baltic Lila platform.


Consciousness Transformation Session

  (Pa)consciousness transformation seminars and individual sessions will help you get out of the vicious circle, discover and transform the blocks lying in your subconscious and fill yourself with the energy of high vibrations. During the meeting, one can feel one's natural nature, when the corresponding patterns of thinking, other people's influences and voices fall away, then the person's outlook, character and thinking change.

 An individual session will help you to get to the causal level and discover the reason why health collapses, relationships fail, financial problems arise, debts accumulate, creative potential is blocked, it is difficult to speak, express yourself, there is no intuition and connection with the universe and tt  Also  this practice helps heal soul wounds, transforms poison into nectar. 

 Sessions are live and remote.

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