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 Never run out of ideas to be thankful for again

Over 400 reminders to be thankful for NOW


 GRATITUDE cards - this is an inspiration to look around and notice how much you have in yourself and around you, for which you can be thankful.  This is a gift for yourself or someone you love, that reminds you of being in this moment, of realizing how rich, full, sufficient we already are, of gratitude that fills the heart with kindness and that spreads to others..


 Develop a habit of gratitude and you will quickly notice miracles happening around you:

You will start appreciating what you have more;

focus on positive things;

you will improve your emotional balance;

you will notice that the quality of your sleep improves and you wake up refreshed;

you will feel more joy, optimism, happiness;

you will improve your relationships with those around you. 


 We send by post, postmark. Shipping is also carried out to other countries. 


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Thank you cards in a bag

SKU: 005
  •  Thank you cards in a bag - this is a travel version of thank you cards that is convenient to always have with you.

     25 gratitude cards, a little smaller than the ones in the gratitude box, in a soft bag, with pictures painted by the artist Fausta Anulytė on one side, and reminders of what you can be thankful for right now. Over 400 inspirations!

     From now on, gratitude cards can always be with you and help you find inspiration in various life situations!

     You can choose cards in a white or gray bag. 

  • Delivery

    Product delivery by postman or post in Lithuania within 2-3 working days. Delivery in Europe 1-2 weeks. Delivery in other countries 2-3 weeks.


    Norėdami grąžinti prekes informuokite ne vėliau kaip per 14 dienų nuo prekės pristatymo arba atsiėmimo momento el. by mail In the letter, state your name, phone number, product name, reason for return, invoice number, details of where to return the money.

     Quality items must be returned in exactly the condition you received them in the original packaging. The goods must be undamaged and unused. 

    If you return quality goods in their original packaging, the shipping costs are paid by the buyer. According to European Union e-mail prekybą reglamentuojančius įstatymus, per 14 dienų nuo grąžintos kokybiškos prekės datos, išsiųsime_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_The money for you to the specified account or we will replace the product with another one.

    Any questions? Contact tel. 863300011,

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