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Reiki and Yoga Retreat "Awakening" in Tenerife ❤ 02-08/03/24

 Imagine that you allow yourself to start a new stage of life and feel what Conscious morning, day and evening are. When you allow yourself to stop and experience, smell, hear, feel, understand anew. Allow yourself to relax and be in the flow. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment, inhale, exhale. Being with yourself and like-minded people. When the ocean washes away everything, the sun gives strength and strength, the island of Tenerife itself helps open the heart chakra. Then you will feel that life again gives you new wings to take off and fly. 

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March 2nd:

8-9 AM: Morning Yoga with Evelina

9-10 AM: Introduction Circle

2 PM: Baltic Lila's Game

March 3rd:

9 AM: Reiki Circle, Gash Meditation, Reiki Breathing Practices, Reiju - Strengthening Reiki Energy, Intuitive Reiki - Self-healing Session for Yourself

4 PM: Art of Touch - Relaxing Massage Technique for Couples

March 4th:

9:15-10:45 AM: Morning Yoga with Evelina

4 PM: Reiki healing sessions for Couples

March 5th:

10 AM: Neurographic art. Working with Limiting Beliefs.

6-7:30 PM: Evening Yoga with Evelina.

March 6th:

9:15-10:45 AM: Morning Yoga with Evelina.

4 PM: Group Coaching, Working with Metaphorical Cards.

6 PM: Nordic Walking with Sticks on the Coast.

March 7th:

10 AM: Neurographic art. Future Modeling "I am the Creator of my Life".

6-7:30 PM: Evening Yoga with Evelina.

March 8th:

9:15-10:45 AM: Morning Yoga with Evelina.

6 PM: Cocoa Ceremony "Heart Opening Meditation".

March 9th:

9 AM: Hike in the Mountains (recommended special footwear with rugged soles). The planned route includes beautiful landscapes of Tenerife, blooming almond trees, and the Teide volcano.

The program content may change depending on participants' preferences.



 The Reiki & Yoga retreat will be led by:

Ruta Cerniauskaitė - Founder of Ruta Healing Centre, Reiki Master-Teacher, Baltic Lila Master, Theta Healing Practitioner, Consciousness Transformation Master, Karuna Reiki and Aura-Soma® Practitioner, Neurography Instructor, Spiritual Spine Alignment Specialist.

Evelina Iljusonok - A lover of healthy movement. Yoga instructor in events, camps, group, and private sessions. Member of the Lithuanian Yoga Association and Federation. Passionate about sound and its vibrations, making sessions even stronger and more relaxing. Enthusiast of Nordic Walking. Practitioner of Theta Healing and Reiki.

The Reiki retreat is for anyone interested in or practicing Reiki, seeking a new impetus, strengthening the flow of Reiki energy, transforming negative beliefs, programs, and enhancing self-healing abilities. Together, participants will meditate, share insights, evolve, and grow within the Reiki space. Participants will be given Reiju. Within the Reiki space, yoga, Neurographic, Baltic Lila's knowledge, and practices will be utilized.

Seminar Location: Evelina Yoga Studio, Travesía de San Vicente, 19, Alcala, Tenerife, Spain.

Start Date: March 2nd, 8 AM.

Participant Fees: 7 days - 350 EUR, 6 days - 330 EUR, 5 days - 300 EUR, 4 days - 260 EUR. (Note: March 9th is not counted).

Arrival: Participants arrange their own arrival to the island of Tenerife and to the seminar location. Assistance can be provided in organizing and combining people traveling from different cities (if needed). Assistance will be provided to find the best options to arrive at Tenerife's South Reina Sofia airport.

Accommodation: Assistance can be provided to find accommodation.

Recommendations: The temperature in the southern part of Tenerife is around 20-25 degrees Celsius during the day. Warmer clothing is recommended for trips to the mountains. Bring with you to the seminar: notes, sunscreen, for the Baltic Lila game - your talisman, with which you will play during the game. For Neurography: you can bring A3 or A4 white paper sheets, black markers (recommended sizes: 1-2 mm, 1-3 mm, 2-3 mm), colored pencils or markers. If you don't have the tools, they will be provided on-site.

Limited Spaces, Please Register in Advance.


Contact Information: +37063300011,

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