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Reiki Level II training online

Okuden-inner training


From March 20

Every living thing has the ability to heal itself…

Therefore, self-healing is not a miracle!

Self-healing is a natural process that arises from the harmonious connection of spirit, body and the inexhaustible power of the soul. When we reach this state, inner peace begins to heal us!

Reiki Level II training online 

Okuden - internal training


Start on June 20 7 p.m. 


Every living thing has the ability to heal itself…

Therefore, self-healing is not a miracle!

Self-healing is a natural process that arises from the harmonious connection of spirit, body and the inexhaustible power of the soul. When we reach this state, inner peace begins to heal us!

Reiki II pakopos mokymai online

Reiki Level II Training Program Online

  • Reiki Level II. Symbols, origin, philosophy

  • Learning symbols, meaning, use

  • Using Reiki symbols to work with yourself. Practice

  • Using Reiki symbols to work with another person. Practice

  • You need sacred sounds

  • Affirmations. Work in pairs. Practice

  • Remote healing session. Work in pairs

  • The practice of harmonizing relationships

  • Cleansing the premises and the car using Reiki symbols

  • Exam

  • Homework

   This workshop is for people who have completed Reiki Level I only. 

    Initiations will be done individually at a pre-arranged time. Live initiation will be given upon arrival at Ruta Healing Center in Vilnius. 

  Reiki Level II is an important step in Reiki practice. Okuden is the inner teaching and the symbols are the key. Time and space do not matter. Man can begin to work beyond time and space. By practicing regularly, a person, his subtle bodies, chakras are cleansed, harmonized, filled with light energy. As a result, we find connection with the higher Self. We clear the subconscious from shadows, programs, transform negative energies into positive ones and fill ourselves with the highest vital energy of the universe. Which enables change within us on all levels.

  Reiki Level II training allows you to function on a higher spiritual level. A Reiki master strengthens your Reiki energy and healing powers. Three Reiki symbols come to the rescue, which allow you to activate and further strengthen energy, remove mental and emotional blocks, send Reiki energy remotely to another person, send Reiki energy to the past and heal past hurts, send energy to the future, to future projects, harmonize interpersonal relationships, cleaning the premises or the car. 

  Strengthens the energies of love, light and power. Provides protection and a strong inner spine.

  Additional services for course participants at a discount:

• A one-on-one face-to-face or remote session is required

• Spiritual spine straightening session

• Consciousness transformation individual session 

  The seminar will be led by:

Rūta Černiauskaitė - Reiki master-teacher, Karuna Reiki and Aura-Soma® practitioner, specialist in straightening the spiritual spine according to the method of P. Elkunovičius. Founder of Ruta Healing Center. 


  Reiki - universal vital energy coming from the highest point of the Universe. The Reiki system is a system of self-healing and spiritual development, with the help of which we can connect to the universe's universal source of healing energy. Which we can use for self-healing, energy balancing, self-regulation, relaxation, harmonization, spiritual development and success. Also transfer this energy directly or remotely to another person, animals, environment. There are three levels in the Reiki system: SHODEN, OKUDEN, SHINPIDEN. ​

  Your feedback:

  "A friendly atmosphere and heart-warming music accompanied the Reiki seminar, which took place on June 9-10 in Vilnius. Good-willed and curious students gathered to hear and some to improve their knowledge about this healing method. Reiki master Rūta is wonderful in all respects: soft, melodious voice, confidence, knowledge and demandingness, exactly what a Reiki master needs.

Thank you very much, Ruta!

Good luck and be blessed!

Sincerely, Zita."

  "Reiki has been a way of life for me for 4 years now... I wake up with Reiki and go to bed with Reiki :). I can't imagine my morning without chakra balancing, it's like dusting the house or taking a daily bath... nor could I live without sharing Reiki with others, ie sessions.
  Reiki brings freedom to the soul and strength to the temple of the soul (our body). It's a wonderful Divine tool that we all have." Jelena. 

  "The best part is that now when you feel any pain or ailment or fatigue you just have to stop, sit for meditation and ask Reiki for help. And it always comes."

  "I had pain in my hip joint. With the help of Reiki, I was able to restore my hip joint and now it doesn't hurt anymore. Reiki is such a universal method of treatment that helps in all cases of life. Sometimes my wife asks me to put my hands on the painful area. And helps. I am very happy to have such a universal instrument. I recommend everyone to learn Reiki. Aleksandr " 


 Location: closed FB group. The program consists of quality recordings, live broadcasts via Zoom, individual work. Records can be viewed at your convenience for an unlimited time. Attention, those who do not use Facebook, we will offer another alternative. 

March 20 at 7 p.m.Reiki is the way to success

March 22 at 7 p.m.Reiki Okuden

March 27 at 7 p.m.Reiki I symbol, meaning, use

March 29 at 7 p.m.Meditation with the Reiki I symbol

April 3 d. at 7 p.m.Reiki II symbol, meaning, use

April 5 at 7 p.m.Meditation with the Reiki II symbol

April 10 at 7 p.m.Reiki III symbol, meaning, use

April 12 d. 7 p.m. Meditation with the Reiki III symbol

April 17 at 7 p.m.A self-healing session for yourself with symbols

April 19 d. at 7 p.m.You need sacred sounds

April 24 d. at 7 p.m.Remote Reiki session, work in pairs

April 26 d. at 7 p.m.Reiki Okuden practices

1st of May d. at 7 p.m.Course discussion. Questions and answers


Informative energy practice "Internal balance"

Workshop price: 

· 180 EUR

· For those who completed the Reiki I and Reiki II level at another school and want to repeat the course - 150 EUR

· For those who have previously participated in Reiki II level training with us and want to repeat the course - 120 Eur

Age of participants:from 18 years to ∞


Ruth: 8633 00011,

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