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 Lila is a life-transforming game rooted in 2000 years of wisdom. It has been reborn in a new version of Baltic Lila and turned into a wonderful philosophy of life. The game helps to get to know and understand yourself better, to get answers to your questions. It makes a great gift for yourself or someone else.

 Man often feels lost in his life. Not knowing what is the best decision to make on your path, which direction to go, how to discover your inner calling, reveal your talents, strengthen your health, improve your relationships, invite abundance into your life.

 You can come with any question you have and get an answer during the game. Each cell in the game is alive, talking, carrying important information.

 Each of you has the opportunity to notice, choose and make a decision in your life. In Lila's space, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that guide you in your life come to the surface. There is nothing wrong or good about Lila's philosophy. Is as. It is important to notice and choose which way you want to go next. The game will accompany you to harmony and unity with yourself and the universe. But if internal resistance, limiting beliefs, attitudes that lead to self-deception remain inside, you will see it in the course of the game. And this is your life choice and experience. It means that you will still accumulate experience until you gain the wisdom of life.

 During Lila's game we learn to be here and now and see possibilities. Transfer this skill to your everyday life and observe what opportunities life gives you. Open up and be in the flow of life. A positive mind helps us see life's resources and use them. The negative mind keeps returning back to the delusion of the mind, where the person gets stuck in his illusions, attachments, delusions of the mind and drifts away from himself.


 Be playful and let your curiosity lead you into the game of Lila's life. You will be exactly where you need to be. Let yourself experience, feel, understand. The answer to your question will come in the course of the game. Then you can make the right decision.

Individual Baltic Lila game online

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