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Self-development book "Diary of the Soul"

 When the Soul is free, it spreads its wings. Let's create a space of the Soul together, where you can feel a close presence with yourself. It's a good place to be and sometimes you don't even want to go back.

 The soul came to this planet Earth with a mission. Those whose consciousness is expanded understand that there is more than just the physical body. That a person also has a Soul.  Those people whose understanding is still very earthly, their Soul has not yet awakened. 

 Soul evolution is individual. If a person does not wake up by himself, life wakes him up. Often the awakening is caused by painful factors: illness, divorce, painful experiences. Because in the comfort zone the Soul falls asleep... 

 When a person awakens, a powerful process of purification and transformation begins. Beliefs, thinking programs begin to change, the inner space expands, the circle of like-minded people changes. There is an understanding that you are more than a physical body... That there is also a Soul, energy, each person has his own vibration, aura.

Ka place to discover many new deep insights in the "Soul Diary Writing Group".

You can purchase the book separately and complete it yourself, or you can participate in a closed writing group of like-minded people.

The book "Diary of the Soul" + participation in a closed FB group is now 33 Eur. You can log in at any time

Separately, the price of the book "Diary of the Soul" is EUR 19. 

Information about the book:

The book is almost A4 format, 80 pages, spiral bound.

Shipping in Lithuania: 2 Eur. Delivery by mail.

We also ship abroad. The price will depend on the shipping country.

Delivery by mail. Delivery in Europe 1-2 weeks. Delivery in other countries 2-3 weeks.



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 The Soul Diary is a tool for personal growth and spiritual development, consisting of introspective exercises and tasks. Writing helps to focus, develop introspection, pour out accumulated inner content, rethink life, get deep insights, observe changes inside yourself.

 The diary can be filled in individually or join a closed FB group, where we will share our experiences, insights, and complete daily tasks together. A safe energy space will be created where you will feel guided and supported.

What is the depth of your Soul?

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