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Reiki club online
A club dedicated to developing Reiki mastery

We invite all Reiki lovers to Reiki meetings online. 

  Together we will perform Reiki practices and meditations that will help you remove internal tensions, relax, regain your strength and fill   with vital energy, improve the functioning of your organs and systems. We will delve deeper into the Reiki system, share experience and good energy. All Reiki practitioners can participate. 

Reiki klubas

During the meeting 

  • We will transform negative energies in the subtle and physical bodies

  • We will fill our aura, physical body, all organs and systems with light energy

  • We will activate the body's self-healing forces and the self-regulation process

  • We will raise the vibrations of our system 

  • We will share the experience of Reiki practice 


  • Reiki system, different directions of training

  • Reiki - strengthening of Reiki energy

  • Reiki self-healing practices using different Reiki techniques

  • Japanese Reiki Healing Practices. With the help of which you will be able to energetically cleanse your body and mind, better concentrate your attention and focus your energy, engage in self-healing practices, detoxify your body, and improve blood circulation.

  • Cleaning the mind

  • Working with consciousness and subconsciousness in the flow of Reiki

  • Transformation of beliefs

  • Opening to the flow of unconditional love

  • Chakra cleansing and balancing

  • Using crystals in Reiki therapy

  • You need to practice breathing

  • Grounding practices

  • Working with mental and emotional blocks 

  • Using Affirmations in the Reiki System

  • Reiki sessions for another person

  • Reiki symbols and their use 

  • Individual and collective Reiki remote sessions 

​For those who want to become successful in Reiki 

  • Preparing yourself for successful Reiki practice

  • Transformation of internal blocks related to feelings of inferiority

  • How to help yourself and others? Where to start? How to introduce yourself? Action plan

  • "Speak loudly" - a practice that transforms the subconscious, which will free your inner voice and help reveal the art of oratory in yourself

  • How to achieve real results in Reiki practice? 

  • Coaching is also needed

  • Questions and answers

  • Fellowship

The content of the program may change depending on the needs of the participants.


  Reiki conducts the online annual program Rūta Černiauskaitė - Founder of Ruta Healing Center, Reiki master-teacher, master of (sub)consciousness transformation, Karuna Reiki and Aura-Soma® practitioner, member of the International Reiki Association, spiritual spine straightening specialist. 

 Training is for for students of all levels of Reiki who want to develop and grow together in the Reiki system.

Even if you have completed your Reiki training a long time ago, these seminars will help you strengthen and update your knowledge, as well as raise your Reiki qualification. Participants will be givenI'm riding

  You can log in at any timeand listen to seminars that have already taken place. And also participate in the following seminars. 


  Seminars will be held livein a closed FB group or Zoom platform. 

  Membership start:September 18 10 o'clock You can listen to the recordings later when you log in.

  Duration:until May 21 10 a.m. 

  The following meeting dates:December 18 10 a.m., January 29 10 a.m., February 26 10 a.m., March 26 10 a.m., April 30 10 a.m., May 21 10 a.m. 


  Membership fee: 99 Eur / Online broadcast recordings can be listened to at a convenient time. 

  Nthe education program consists of:live meetings on the Zoom platform every month, Reiji, Reiki meditation, breathing, self-healing, balancing practices. 

  Logging in later will give you access to seminars that have already taken place



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