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Reiki Level I training online 

Upcoming training and program:

  Reiki training online - a great time to fill up with new strength and gain knowledge. At your request, the training will take place online, as not everyone can come and participate. In such a situation, we want everyone to be able to help themselves and others right now. 

  During training   we will delve into the philosophy of the Reiki system, we will discover the universal key that unlocks the door to the inexhaustible and healing source of light and love of the universe, which cleanses the soul, heals the body, harmonizes the spiritual state.  These trainings are intended for beginners and those who are advanced in various spiritual practices, as well as those who want to update previously acquired Reiki knowledge and practices. 

Reiki Level I training online

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  • The money for the course is non-refundable.

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